About Us

Professional Services

Water-Stream prides itself in providing effective water filtration products to homes, businesses and industries.


Water-Stream has run a successful business for 20 years in major retailers in South Africa, selected countries and surrounding islands.


There is a dire need for clean, filtered water on the continent. Water-Stream supplies and services both the consumer and business categories in these regions.

Water-Stream has over 19 distributors and installers in South Africa, and in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Namibia, thus are well-known in the industries of building, plumbing and architectural sectors and have an excellent reputation of the highest standards. Located in a well-known prime business area in South Africa in the heart of Sandton which is where 80% of business takes place in ‘’South Africa’’.

The Water Stream team has diverse knowledge of water purification, product development as well as products and ensures customers are satisfied throughout all stages of delivery. With an engineering and scientific approach at Water-Stream, the infrastructure challenges are faced and eradicated by meeting the growing demand for clean filtered water and bottled water.